Mammogram Donation from Greater Good

We cannot thank Greater Good enough for their generous support towards advancing Breast Cancer detection and treatment in Sierra Leone.  The funding is making a huge difference not only for treatment options, but also for raising awareness about the importance of “Early Detection.”
Women are understanding the importance of their yearly breast screening and that mammograms are important for women aged 40 years and above though there are remote cases of younger women getting a mammogram.  

The grant impact for mammograms and breast health awareness is unique and exemplary; Sierra Leone has only one functioning mammography unit which is not affordable to many.  The impact on this grant is very timely as we are encouraging women 40 years and above, through radio ads, to get screened regularly.  They are responding even though we lack the infrastructure.  The sub-region offers added option - namely in Accra, Ghana.  However it is expensive to fly to Accra just for a mammogram.

Thanks to the Greater Good grant we were able to provide mammograms to individuals like Agnes, who would not have been able to afford the mammogram otherwise.  Agnes M. is  41 years old  and a social worker. Agnes came to our clinic in July 2016 for a regular check-up and complained of itching around the nipple region.  On screening, no lump was detected.  Dr. Borboh assessed Agnes and recommended a mammogram.  The mammogram result indicated no abnormality.

Thank you Greater Good for your generosity in helping Sierra Leone women pay for their treatment costs!