Greater Good Grant Making an Impact

The impact of the Greater Good grant is noteworthy as more women in Freetown Urban are now breast aware and come forward for their routine check-up.  With Grant from Greater Good, our Foundation is fully operational as we support women/girls’ with their treatment costs instead of leaving them to go back to their communities unattended and thus die a painful death or considered lost to follow up.

 Sierra Leone rated as one of the least developed countries in the world with the population estimated at 6.5 million people of which 51% are women. The health infrastructure is under-resourced and underdeveloped; not a single Oncologist or well-equipped center for those plagued by Cancer.  
The impact of the grant brings a smile of hope and renewed energy on the newly diagnosed when offered free treatment costs and medication.  

Juliana D.  is a 54 year old housewife who came to the clinic on September 13, 2016 complaining of a lump on her left breast that had been bothering her for six months. The mammogram showed a lump measuring 1cm on the left breast.  Juliana had a lumpectomy (surgical removal of the lump) which was paid for with funds from Greater Good.  The surgery was successful with no complications, painkillers and antibiotics medication was prescribed.  The lump specimen was sent for histopathology which resulted in no evidence of malignancy.

Rugiatu B is a 23 year old housewife who was identified during our market sensitization and free screening.  She complained of acute pain on her right breast. During clinical exams, a 2 cm lump was detected. She was referred to the doctor who after further diagnosis prescribed lumpectomy surgery on September 10, 2016 that was paid with funds from GreaterGood. Her surgery was successful with no complications; specimen was taken for Histopathology and reported Fibrosis Adenosis.     

Kadiatu S. is a 16 year old  student who came to our clinic on October 5, 2016 during our free screening and sensitization week to commemorate Breast Cancer Month. During her clinical exams, a large lump was detected on the left breast measuring 4 inches.  She was referred to the doctor who re-examined her and scheduled her for a lumpectomy which was paid for with funds from GreaterGood on October 8, 2016. Her surgery was successful with no complications.   Treatment continued with antibiotics and painkillers and her specimen reported no evidence of malignancy.

With the Greater Good Grant,  Thinking Pink is making a difference by paying for the less privileged Women/girls’ treatment costs.  Lives are being saved as we are stressing the importance of early detection which saves lives.  Breast Cancer should not be a death sentence! We will be forever grateful to Greater Good!