Greater Good Grant Helping Fight Breast Cancer

Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Foundation is a National NGO working in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation to complement Government’s effort in the fight against Breast Cancer in Sierra Leone.   As part of its sensitization campaign, it has conducted symposiums, raising awareness in communities including markets, presentations to corporate houses, churches, mosques, media engagement and airing of radio ads -  in a bid to spread the message of “early detection.” With the grant from GreaterGood, the Foundation is moving forward with strength and determination to support women who are financially handicapped. Breast Cancer should not be a death sentence!  

 Women are stigmatized to the extent of being branded as witches simply for surviving or contacting Breast Cancer.  All of these is a result of ignorance about Breast Cancer compounded with high illiteracy rate amongst women and the lack of infrastructure to treat the disease. The impact of the grant is enormous as it serves an entire nation. Sierra Leoneans come from all over the country seeking treatment options and financial support post diagnosis. The impact of the Grant brings about resilience and hope in the minds of Cancer patients and survivors who are facing enormous trauma and mental conflict in the war against the question of life and death!  

Fatu is one of the women we were recently able to help.  Fatu S is a 20 year old student.  She previously underwent total mastectomy on the right breast in 2014.  She visited the clinic again this year.  The screening session detected a recurrent lump on the right chest, measuring 4 cm, with pain rated 6/10, described as throbbing.  She also received a pre-op teaching after her admission at the Connaught Hospital, Freetown.  She was scheduled for another mastectomy in June 2016 with funds from Greater Good.   The surgery was successful and she is presently, on the following prescription drugs:-  Ampicillin 500mg, Diclofenac 75mg and Tamoxifen 10mg.    

Ibrahim K. is another individual were able to help. He is 51 years old and is a trader.  He visited the clinic on June 14th 2016 after our community sensitization on Breast Education and Free Screening.  Ibrahim registered for the program:  A lump was detected on the left breast and he had no knowledge about Breast Cancer. Attending Dr. Borbor assessed and scheduled Mr. Kargbo for a lumpectomy with funds from GreaterGood on June 16 2016.  Surgery was successful with no complications and was discharged on the same day.  Lump specimen was sent for histopathology test which proved no evidence of malignancy.

We will forever be grateful to Greater Good for their generosity towards the Sierra Leonean population.  We are also involved in community outreach to sensitize the public about the dangers posed by Breast Cancer and sensitize them about the importance of “Early Detection”.  We also teach them how to perform their monthly Self Breast Exams (SBE) and to be aware that on the onset of any lump it is advisable to get checked and carry out a lumpectomy procedure as oppose to Mastectomy.  We also disseminate pictorial brochures in local languages.  Thank you Greater Good lives are being saved with your funds.