Greater Good Grant Continuing to Provide Mammograms

The Greater Good grant impact continues to be unique; Sierra Leone to date has only one functioning Mammography unit when there is a technical problem, women travel to the sub-region just for a Mammogram which we consider unacceptable as the cost implication is senseless.  Due to our intense sensitization campaign, Women now understand the importance of “Early Detection” thru’ Self Breast Exams (SBE), Clinical Breast Exams or Mammography check up.    It is effective as Mammograms pick out lumps at the onset that which we cannot identify so easily thru’ clinical exams.

Thanks to the Greater Good grant we were able to provide mammograms to individuals like,  Mary D. , a 43 year old Trader who came to the clinic on August 26, 2016 complaining of lumps on the right breast.  The mammogram showed a lump measuring 3cm was identified and she was referred to our doctor for further diagnosis; the results showed Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  The doctor went on to advise that a Mastectomy (surgical removal of the Breast) be performed to avoid further complications.  The surgery was performed with no complications; antibiotics and analgesics including Tamoxifen (hormonal therapy) were prescribed.  

We were also able to provide a mammogram to  Ada H. , a 43 year old Petty Trader who  came to the clinic on September 31, 2016 complaining of pain on the right breast. Clinical exams were performed finding no lump or thickening. She was referred to our doctor for further diagnosis as she stressed the severity of her pain. The doctor prescribed mammography for Ms H.  treatment costs were paid for by GreaterGood.   The mammogram result proves no abnormal findings.  The Doctor prescribed antibiotics and analgesic.

Thank you Greater Good for your generosity in helping Sierra Leone women pay for their treatment costs!